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Voices of Concern

Are you satisfied with your current data extraction method?

  • It's time consuming to manually digitize all the documents
  • There are too many varieties and formats of documents to process
  • It’s a hassle to look for and correct the mistakes after inputting data manually
  • Too busy and not enough time to consider using OCR.
  • Business isn't efficient enough and needs improvement

If you have a similar voice to the above
Consider implementing


About AIScanRobo®AIScanRobo®, is able to extract business data faster and accurately by analyzing the format of each type of invoice and storing the results as a template. Moreover, as the AI learns through the reading process, the accuracy increases over time. The more you use it the smarter it becomes!

Service Overview

AIScanRobo® can improve paper-based operation efficiency

AIScanRobo® made it possible to enhance the business experience that was not possible with conventional OCR products. The task of manually inputting invoices can be replaced with AI-OCR + RPA, by automating the manual operation and only requiring a visual confirmation.

With the implementation of AIScanRobo® and smooth integration with RPA, PDF files can be managed in predetermined units simply by scanning them all at once, freeing you from manual data entry operations.
Matching the scanned results with the original document is automated so, only correction of the mismatched data is needed.

Merits to implementing AIScanRobo®

Achieve efficiency with AIScanRobo® AI-OCR

With AI-OCR large numbers of documents can be scanned and managed automatically, this automation process will free personnel from routine work and allow time to be spent on creative work.

  • Operation Efficiency

    Operation Efficiency

    Data processing operations are labor intensive but, by implementing AI-OCR the time spent on data entry can be reduced by up to 80% and allow for time to be focused on more important work.

  • Cost Reduction

    Cost Reduction

    By automating the data entry operation it`s possible to shorten the time, staff, and cost.
    As a result, less manual work is needed for clerical tasks, allowing for less business costs.

  • Workstyle Reform

    Workplace Reform

    As labor reforms require work hours to be reduced, paper-based operations remain unchanged and therefore digitization is needed to increase productivity. AIScanRobo® relieves staff from clerical work while contributing significantly to the work-style reform.


Six reasons clients are satisfied with AIScanRobo®

  • 01

    Optimal analysis of scanned results with AI

    Optimal analysis of scanned results with AI

    AI analyzes and extracts the necessary information of specified location. As a result, it`s possible to read complex document formats that were otherwise difficult with conventional OCR.

  • 02

    Leave the template setup to us

    Leave the template setup to us

    It's necessary to create a template before scanning a document which can be tedious depending on the complexity of the document. However, AIScanRobo® will create this template for you. *Please contact us for more information.

  • 03

    Automatic template identification

    Automatic template identification

    Our AI will automatically identify the best fitting template during the scanning process. Once a document is uploaded there is no manual selection necessary, making it efficient and ideal for reading large-sums of forms.

  • 04

    Smooth Integration with RPA

    Smooth Integration with RPA

    AIScanRobo's® robust APIs and progressive scripting enable tight integration with any systems of record and engagement.
    * We can introduce RPA products according to customer needs.

  • 05

    Our cloud based service brings you the latest updates

    Our cloud based service brings you the latest updates

    AIScanRobo® is constantly growing by incorporating customer feedback. The speed and completeness of response is unique to completely self-developed cloud servicePowerful.

  • 06

    Safe and fulfilling support system

    Safe and fulfilling support system

    Monitor and analyze with a new SLA monitoring feature to ensure our systems are delivering the optimum results in the given time-frame. AIScanRobo® will ensure your data processing and timing requirements, while delivering the best customer support.

Speedy Implementation


Are you concerned about introducing AI-OCR because it might add extra work?

At Net Smile we use a POC (Proof of Concept) process that allows us to create prototypes and start running immediately while allowing deep learning to begin at an early stage.

This campaign includes a FREE template setup.

Setting up templates can be time consuming.

But, Net Smile`s AI-OCR AIScanRobo® successfully solved this issue by substituting the template setup.
So, you can be up and running as soon as possible.


Improve operations by implementing AIScanRobo®


With the introduction of RPA + AI-OCR, PDF files can be managed in predetermined units simply by batch scanning from the scanner, freeing you from paper operations. Also, the matching work with the payment application form will be automated, and only the mismatched data will be entered manually, which is expected to reduce the data entry work.

AIScanRobo's® Unique Features

Introducing AIScanRobo's® main features

  • Extracting data from complex tables

    Tables with complex structures can be extracted in any format desired.

    Extracting data from complex tables
  • Easy template setup

    Our interface allows users to easily navigate template settings.

    Easy template setup
  • Template automatic identification function

    AIScanRobo® automatically identifies templates when reading documents.
    Just upload the document you want to read then, an optimum template is automatically selected and scanning starts immediately.

    Template automatic identification function
  • Pattern recognition

    Extract data from any format, such as checkbox and other selectable "〇" and "☑"
    AIScanRobo® can learn to recognize symbols and marks, from documents such as questionnaires, surveys, and application forms, and convert them into the desired text.

    Pattern recognition

Example's of Format Varieties

AIScanRobo® can extract data in any format of your desire

AIScanRobo® supports more than standard sales/purchase reports,
It's also widely used in the logistics and trading industry, which documents consist of complex columns.

Example's of Format Varieties

Multilingual supportSupports 5 languages including Japanese, English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean and Thai.

Multilingual support
  • 日揮株式会社
  • 東京大学
  • 国立情報学研究所
  • 東洋大学
  • 日新電機
  • 鍋屋バイテック会社
  • ネスレ
  • 川崎住宅株式会社
  • 三菱食品
  • 四国電力株式会社
  • 富士薬品
  • 株式会社レスターエレクトロニクス
  • 株式会社マルゼンホールディングス
  • 住友倉庫
  • SMBC日興証券
  • テレビ朝日
  • MORE

  • iSiD
  • ヒューマンリソシア
  • WaveFront
  • ManpowerGroup
  • 株式会社サポータス
  • GrowShip Partners
  • NEC Corporation
  • ユーザックシステム株式会社
  • JBCC株式会社
  • 株式会社コスモストーク
  • 山形パナソニック株式会社
  • Proof

Frequently Asked Questions


What is AI-OCR?

OCR products that incorporate AI technology.

With conventional OCR products, it was possible to read only the predetermined mark (mark sheet type answer, etc.), but the range of reading is expanded by incorporating AI technology, and existing forms are directly converted to OCR. It is possible to do.

AI is: Artificial Intelligence
OCR is: Optical Character Recognition/Reader


What should I consider when implementing AI-OCR?

Decide on the purpose of implementing AI-OCR. Below are common purposes of AI-OCR.

<Example of common purpose>
・Reduce manual input into Excel
・Reduce manual input ERP/system storage
・Reduce data entry mistakes and confirmation work
→If the purpose changes, the cost and effectiveness of the entire project may change. Also, it is necessary to select a tool that is suitable for the purpose of improvement.

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